Rage of Bahamut v1.6.0.1 Apk

Rage of Bahamut is the innovative multiplayer battle hard players meet online and pitting your skills against each other to live. Driven by an in-game economy, R.O.B. puts you in control of your destiny with the purchase of products to develop, synthesize and character, building alliances and much more.

Dark is the Day, Gone is the miracle ...Find your way and conquer the world ...Alone or allies, that the arch Down World ...It does smell of victory, the triumph of taste ...


BEING HUMAN - pia - Be EvilCHOOSE an alliance in order to take control of your world!  

  • Totally Free (eventually) 
  • Stunning collectible cards - up to 500 combo, and more are being added
  • Simple and fast moving battles
  • Daily updates
  • Live 'single' or interaction 'multiplayer' 
  • (To undertake missions and battle groups - online opponent waiting to fight you)
  • STUNNING seductive and SIGNS 
  • Lose Yourself by brave knights Demonic ogre - Angelic Elves on Serpent-like goddesses, there is a sign for you!
Innovative gameplay: 
  • CALL to take power from your deck of cards and enemies!
  • Choose your opponents to fight a seemingly endless database of enemies hungry! 
  • Plunder of goods and treasures to defeat those of you! 
  • Create to create unique combinations of your cards on the synthesis of hybrids from the Realms powerful!
  • Join Together on a monthly basis for your request this as an order-top game!
PRACTICE against friends:

Their skills improve and tighten the skin by the blood of fighting a "war of animals.Offer tips to help comrades against their opponents with the "messaging system" ComradeGAIN services for messaging friends and build your attack and defense techniques of power.
Rage of Bahamut is powered by Mobage, the best, free, social power network game.


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  2. very addicting

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    For starting point, you should do a lot of quest then consider to look into enchance system (enchance cards will add some exp to the main card (the first card that's been selected) so that it may lvl-up faster.

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  8. Need a game that keeps you busy hours on end always something to do choose from 3 different realms .men. god. Demon . I recommend demon since they have many epic cards
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