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Winamp Pro is the ideal multimedia player for Android. Play, manage and synchronize music from your Mac or PC on the Android device - Pro Bundle is now available!. Winamp for Android provides a complete solution for managing music files (2.1 OS & above) with the desktop wireless sync (latest Winamp Media Player required) to import your iTunes library, and access thousands of Internet radio station with shoutcast. Visit to learn more."I was so impressed that I set as default player and uninstall the others."


v1.2.10 Change Log:
 Ability to adjust to Folder View Home:
 # New: the ability to interact with standalone "Winamp Pro" application
 # Improved: check Winamp Pro Bundle license
 # Improved: Search folder view
 # Improved: maintain the current position of the game
 # Improved: battery drain
 # Fixed: Custom EQ preset name duplication
 # Fixed: Replay Gain Distortion

New features:
 * Unlock premium features with the Pro Bundle (via in-app purchase)
 * Now supports synchronization with Winamp Beta for Mac
 * Sensitive to the touch gestures Album Cover
 * Download music freer access in spinner
 * Additional album CDLP (free streaming)
 * Headset optimisations

 Main features:
 * Free Wireless Synchronization
 * One-click import your iTunes library and playlists
 * More than 47k + SHOUTcast Radio
 * Cash flow from SHOUTcast
 * Persistent player controls
 * Easily removable / expandable Now Playing screen
 * Artist news, biographies, discographies and photos
 * Tools Menu - Now Playing data interacts with other applications
 Album Art 
 * gestures to change lanes
 * Download music for free with Spinner MP3 of the Day
 * Free Music streaming with CDLP - on-demand streaming of press folk albums
 * Integrated Search & Android "Listen" The vote in the country
 * To be an artist, album, song, or browse genres
 * Lists and playlist shortcuts
 * Play Queue Management
 * Widget-Player (4x1 and 4x2)
 * Lock screen reader
 * scrobbling
 * Available in 14 languages

 Known issues:
 * Some Droid X user interface devices may experience problems after updating to Android 2.3.3 (requires a fix from Motorola)
 * In Winamp version 1.2 for Android - M4A file playback is distorted on the Droid X2
 * Pro Bundle - gapless playback, crossfades, and EQ does not support M4A files to Android 2.1
 * Bundle / Pro can not be supported with chipsets that are not floating-point calculations on systems older or less expensive

Winamp 1.2.10 Apk
Size : 4.7 MB
Requires Android:2.1 and up


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